Form a union of all producers passifloras in the country to enforce both their rights and duties, and help improve the quality of life of producers in Colombia, through the development of actions focused on the aggregation of economic, social, environmental and cultural; and to strengthen the organizational base for communities and farmers participate in decision-making at local, regional and national levels.


On November 21, 2014, more than 300 producers of passifloras gathered in the city of Ibague, in order to create an organization to represent them, to watch over their rights, their welfare and improve their quality of life. Thus was born the Colombian Federation of Producers of Passifloras (FEDEPASIFLORAS).

The Federation is a non -profit association and industry association, made up of passifloras producers in Colombia ; legal person of private law , social organization and solidarity limited liability of membership and variable and unrestricted social heritage , governed by law, principles and doctrine of non-profit entities in Colombia.

The Colombian Federation of Producers of Passifloras born with the aim of contributing to the promotion of partnership between producers , creating and strengthening agricultural enterprises and generating business alliances. His duty is to ensure the rights and duties of its members, where the producer tecnifique (have only one crop, but a company) and specialize to offer a product of the highest quality in order to compete in any international market.

Through diferents actions we aim to improve the quality of life of passifloras producers in the country. We anticipate research projects and social purposes to improve production costs by maximizing the quality of Passifloras in the technical support, providing specialized technical assistance to producers and unions developing programs to benefit all producers in the country Pasiflora.


Generate the participation of the producer in the implementation of the Technical Assistance program.


Strengthen the concepts of partnership and entrepreneurship in Producers.


Identify and establish strategic alliances with the different people and companies involved in the productive chain.


Promote the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).


To train producers in clean and organic production technologies.